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I am a 30-something cis woman who is on the ace spectrum and confused about the aro spectrum. I am a zero-gen immigrant in the US from a South Asian and Muslim background. IRL I am an aspiring academic / PhD student with training in statistics, economics, and psychology. I use she/her pronouns. My internet name (“sildarmillion”) is a portmanteau of various fictional character names (and is not a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion). The artwork used here is a gift from my fabulous friend (who has amazing art but no art site I can link to right now).

I have 2 blogs: “I’m Overthinking This” (sildarmillionsays.wordpress.com) and an untitled stream of consciousness journaling blog (sildarmillionjournal.wordpress.com). (Although, my “stream of consciousness” exists as a long list of draft posts. I tend to publish only the posts that I have managed to make coherent.) “Overthinking Life” is a page with links to articles I wish to highlight.